Kitchen Trends 2023

The kitchen is always evolving and to stay ahead of the curve, you need to know what is trending; so we are constantly looking at what may be coming up in relevant design trends.

Kitchens are most certainly now getting the attention they deserve and in the past few decades we have all begun to understand the importance of the kitchen as the heart of the home.

Modern kitchens are now designed considering colours that were once never thought of as suitable and they are also now filled with unique natural materials. Far from just being a functional space, the kitchen can be a luxurious, welcoming place in the home.

In 2023, we think kitchens will see a further push towards design that reflects our personal tastes and innovation that meets our increasing expectations.


One of the kitchen design features we expect more of in 2023 is the expansive window. This can be used along the counter or even taking a full face position along a whole wall space. The essence of this kitchen trend is to welcome in natural light and create a visual connection with nature. 


If you have been following kitchen trends of the past few years you will know that we are gradually replacing man made materials in our kitchens with gorgeous natural materials. Unpainted wood kitchen cabinets, marbles and granites have become essential elements. Quite apart from their rich aesthetic qualities, these elements are increasingly recognised for their health benefits, not least because many do not require chemical treatments when cleaning / installing.


The right lighting can completely transform a room and is an essential element in any interior redecoration. Lighting for the kitchen area going forward is being refined with the aim being able to give each kitchen a unique appearance. Designer lighting (and uniquely shaped high-street designs) really can be an asset in the kitchen making your space look stunning.


We all know that the colour we paint our room can completely change how we feel. The 2023 kitchen trend is bringing us an intense shade and palette of warmth that will illuminate our interior. We are expecting more orange and burnt yellow against light white or contrasting against a backdrop of darks (blues and greens). If these pop colours are not your type, you can also lean in to the other new kitchen trend of sandy undertones which is an ideal homage to the very popular Moroccan or Scandinavian designs and style..


When you follow the trend, you don’t need to completely reinvent a room, a few key things can be incorporated to change the look of your existing kitchen. If you want to have a kitchen that is trending in 2023, you can bet on Moroccan, Scandinavian style kitchens.

Moroccan zelliges (tiles) come with irregular surface and varying tones that brings texture and craftsmanship to the kitchen. Scandinavian style kitchens on the other hand are rustic and functional, celebrating natural materials like wood and stone.

Pop this design set in with your own personal style – as feature pieces and you have a unique room, all your own.