Hosting the perfect BBQ

Everyone loves a BBQ during warm summer months.

So for children and adults, food and décor, here is everything you will ever need to host the perfect BBQ (Even if the weather lets you down).

Breakout The BBQ

Let’s start with the basics –  a good clean-up.

Like most BBQs in the UK, yours has probably been in the shed or under a cover for the best part of the last 8 months, slowly gathering dust (or worse). Now it’s time to set it free and give it a good clean.

A good hack for stubborn BBQ’s is to clean your grill with an onion

  • Allow the grill to heat up to a high temperature.
  • Pierce the half onion with a fork and rub the cut-side down along the grill grates.
  • The onion’s juices will release and produce steam to remove the bits and charred on debris.
  • The water in the onion steam cleans the grill plate/bars and removes any impurities.
  • Onions have natural antibacterial properties and if you’re cooking with charcoal, you can throw the used onion right into the coals when you’re finished to add flavour to whatever you’re grilling.


We all live busy lives, so gathering people together can be difficult. But for a good BBQ, it always seems a little easier.

Maybe get the kids involved & create some handmade invitations, it is a fun and creative way to spend an afternoon.

Décor Galore

Setting the scene is vital.

It’s all well and good inviting people, but if you don’t have the suitable seating, enough cutlery and table wear along with the fun and exciting decorations that spark colourful conversations, what’s the point in everything else?

We recommend gathering the essentials first, a solid table for the food, comfortable chairs for your guests, serving bowls, utensils, glasses, lanterns for candles, string lights for ambience and lots of drinks to keep your guests hydrated.

Add a table centrepiece for that extra touch of glam and wildflowers in little glass pots for a fun, whimsical tone. Remember, the point is to be effortless but chic. White plates, plain cutlery and simple glass will stop any distractions and display the beauty of the surroundings in a subtle yet effective way.

It’s All About The Food

You have the BBQ; you’ve set the scene. Now it’s time for the food and we all know that nowadays – simple burgers and sausages won’t cut it!

Let’s start with the sides – you want four sides at the very least. Make them simple, red salad (tomatoes) and green salad (lettuce, cucumber, peas, mint). Potatoes (steamed new potatoes are lush, or  try them cooked in the hot coals) then add charred corn with a butter spice glaze (perfection).

Then of course, its all about the meats – Of course you have to have the staples of burgers, sausages and chicken but also add specialities such as lamb koftas, pork medallions or homemade kebabs. Their are many quick & simply recipes that will make you look amazing! Take a look at these Sticky Maple Pork Kebabs from Co Op  or what about 15 Minute Chicken & Halloumi Burgers from the BBC Good Food Guide.

Don’t forget to cater for vegans and vegetarians too – there are many simple but tasty ideas online, just take a look at this amazing Veggie Kebab Platter from Co Op or their Loaded Mushroom Kebabs (make them yourself in minutes!)

Also include snacks such as crisps, fresh sliced baguettes, nuts, seeds, condiments, preserves and pickles; the more, the merrier. You want abundance and options.

Keep The Drinks Rolling

Drinks on ice, (a lot of ice)! Grab some metal buckets and fill them with crushed ice, place beer bottles and light flavoured drinks in them and scatter them around the garden. One of our favourite non-alcoholic refreshers right now is Shloer Pink Bubbly (which is on sale right now at many stores), its absolutely gorgeous over ice, with strawberries and blueberries popped in!

Place spirits on an area you have designated as the “Bar”, also garnished with fruits and garnishes.  

Let The Games Begin

The party is in full swing; all that’s left are the games for during the day. So before you break out twister to the groaning of all your guests, think more about fun, new games; leave twister for the children. From beer-pong to card games, keep it light and upbeat, never fully competitive, because, in the end, the only winner here is you for throwing the perfect BBQ celebration.

Have a great time!