The top 5 reasons why you need to install a Garden Kitchen


The garden is potentially one of the most overlooked areas of the household, but it doesn’t have to be!

The rise of the Garden Kitchen comes mainly from the Americas, or more specifically, the West Coast of America, where the sun is always blazing.  The gardens are constantly blessed with beautiful days and outside parties are always possible.

But the transition to the UK has been somewhat slow. BUT it makes sense as our generally our houses are smaller, so we should utilise all the space we have in the best way possible.  

So here are our top 5 reasons you should install a garden kitchen.

1.   Outdoor Entertaining

Entertaining is a much-loved pastime. Inviting your friends to your home so they can bask in your natural flair and amazing ability to host a party is a dream we all aspire to. So naturally, no matter how large the room, the space you all occupy can rapidly feel enclosed! The joy of taking the party outside is the freedom of space; nothing stretches farther than the sky. From sunrise to sundown, your outdoor space is the perfect place to host your next great party. And the best part is that you are never away from the good times; with an outdoor kitchen, the food and fun are only a few steps away. 

2.   Enhance Your Garden Features

Garden kitchens are so much more than just a simple barbecue and some outdoor furniture (although, that’s exactly what they can start off as). There are now some amazing fully integrated kitchen and garden features that enhance any garden’s natural features. For instance, adding cabinets that blend into your garden’s surroundings, worktops that keep the smooth lines and clean nature of modern kitchens and lots of plants and greenery to remove any sense of industrial feeling.  

3.   Give Your Garden Purpose

Turning your garden into a garden kitchen gives it a whole new purpose! Converting your garden into a garden kitchen gives it new sense! With this new direction, you can now utilise your garden all year round. Your garden is no longer a summer-only space as with patio heaters, fire pits, and parasols, you can have an autumn and winter haven.

4.   Add Value

Creating a unique outdoor space is the perfect way to add value to your property. Installing electrical power sockets, plumbing and heating turns your outdoor space into a whole new living area. 

5.   Go Gourmet By Growing Your Own

Growing your fruits, vegetables and herbs is the perfect way of getting in touch with nature; it is also the best way of making your home sustainable. Adjusting the layout of your garden to make space for seating, cooking utensils and plants can be somewhat daunting; however, if you set the area around how you live your life, your living garden kitchen will become the haven of gastro delight in no time.


Adding a Garden Kitchen can be costly and time-consuming, but your results are worth every penny. The result will be a space for you to live in, entertain, utilise all year round and add value to your property, need we say any more!

Contact us for some great ideas on how your home can benefit from a truly cost-effective, beautiful kitchen / garden medley.