Creative ideas to help renovate a kitchen

Your kitchen is the most important room of any house because this is where we all cook, eat and gather to spend time with loved ones; and many people may opt to renovate a kitchen area, simply to add a fresh perspective to your homes.

Whilst you may find kitchen designs currently consist of mainly neutral colours, greys and muted tones, you can personally choose to stand out by opting for a kitchen style that is both charming, fun and innovative.

So, lets look at some creative ideas that may help stylise and imprint you on your renovated kitchen!

Go Bold

Kitchens created in neutral colours can look “samey” so even a small experiment with a bold colour can make your kitchen look fresh and unique. Many homeowners are now going for deep jewel tones for accent walls or work surfaces to add some brightness and depth.

Or be a little more adventurous and go for bright pastels if you don’t want to go for a too-dark colour. Fun ways to add a pop of hue include bright-coloured bar stools, painted sills and skirts or how about a bold (or even decorated) splashback.

Use Natural Stones/Woods/Granite/Slates in ingenious ways.

While stainless steel, glass, and chrome fittings have dominated the kitchen renovation scene for the past few years, as more and more homeowners have recently been opting for long-lasting, eco-friendly natural woods and granite in their homes.

Natural elements such as these usually come in warm tones that will instantly liven up your kitchen counters or cabinets and make it look homely and welcoming. These materials are  durable and in most cases unique in their patterns (granites and marbles) so you will get both beauty and function when you opt for them.

Have Fun With Lighting

If you’re tired of the harsh, cold, light in your kitchen, it’s time for a change. Modern kitchen design now incorporates beautiful lighting elements. We often use quirky, unique light fittings to bring a playful, individual tone to a new or renovated kitchen space. The right statement piece can truly make your home look like something out of a magazine.

Whatever lighting you chose, switching up the design, is a great idea to add a new look to the kitchen in your home.

That’s Not All!

There are several ways in which you can change the way your kitchen looks, but the key is to add some fun touches to your kitchen design, so it doesn’t end up looking exactly the same as before.

So, what is it going to be; bold colours or dramatic light fixtures?


Pro tip: There are other quick and easy ways to create a unique feel to your Kitchen area.

For example, Be creative and decorate with food and cookbooks. Remove rice, beans, spices, pastas etc from original packages and display in glass jars. This simple hack can showcase interesting colours to make your kitchen feel more warm and inviting. An open Cookbook on a surface looks so so homely!

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