Natural Kitchen Design

Natural Materials in Beautiful Kitchen Design

The kitchen is where you eat, cook and gather together over delicious meals with loved ones. Because it is the heart of your house, renovating your kitchen can make a huge impact to the feel of your whole of your home. So with that in mind, the use of natural materials is always a good choice.

The beauty Mother Nature creates, lends perfectly to enhancing and beautifying the functional. You can cleverly create a connection with the outdoors, utilise different textures and add warmth while maintaining performance. 

In this blog, we will share our admiration for some of the natural materials we think you should consider using in a renovation or rebuild of your in kitchen.

So, let’s get started!


Wood, being one of the finest exponents of natural materials, is a must to use in a truly bespoke kitchen design.

It adds a traditional touch to the space, while making the ambiance unique, yet warm and welcoming. Wood is also easy to clean and is optimal in terms of maintenance, too.

Incorporate through: Wooden worktops, wooden cabinetry and shelving (particularly hidden cupboards and shelves).

Natural Stone: Marble and Granite

Natural stone single-handedly adds luxury to your kitchen, with a huge plus point being its high durability. While it may be on the pricier end, natural stone, if maintained well, can last you a lifetime!  Two top picks for the kitchen are marble and granite, with their amazing colours and almost unlimited uses.

Incorporate through: Marble backsplash, granite countertops, natural stone flooring

Metallic Elements

Lend an urban flair and contribute to a contemporary ambiance with metallic elements, such as brass and stainless steel. Even if these are used in small portions, they’ll make an eye-catching statement!

Incorporate through: Metallic cabinet handles and hardware


Jute introduces a natural, textural feeling in the kitchen. Its coarsely-woven look also adds a punch of visual interest, and when paired with other smooth surfaces, creates a stunning juxtaposition.

Incorporated through: Jute rugs and wall hangings

Mother Nature Itself

While adding natural materials,  sometimes you really can’t beat Mother Nature herself. One way to bring her inside is by adding a punch of greenery. Plenty of potted varieties, such as aloe vera and English ivy, can create a stunning statement in your bespoke kitchen (We can easily incorporate this in at the design stage also).. Additionally, pair minimal window treatments with your windows to allow plenty of natural light to illuminate the space.

Incorporated through: Plants and plenty of natural light

Inspired By The Nature-Inspired Kitchen Design?

Let’s Create Yours!

Take inspiration for your next kitchen refurbishment from the tips given above, and you will create a space that is closely, yet subtly tied to the outdoors.

Pro tip: There are other quick and easy ways to add natural materials to your kitchen, too.

For example, display your favourite ceramic tableware and pair wooden barstools with your kitchen island.

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