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The Quality German Kitchen

When you are looking at a major renovation or rebuild of the most important room in your home, your kitchen, you definitely want the best you can afford.

For many, that often means a German kitchen as on the whole German kitchens are very highly thought of and for good reason.

Icon Kitchen Designs choose to work with a lot with a lesser-known brand – Rotpunkt Kitchens ( Rotpunkt Kuchen) – Who, although not as mainstream as some others, are a supremely high quality German kitchen brand.

Being in the industry for almost a full century, they are proudly working with high-quality materials and to exceptionally high specifications.

Rotpunkt Kitchens are, in our opinion, superior to many other German brands. They are driven by a passion to produce kitchens that not only inspire their customers but make the kitchen design and build industry a pleasure to work within.

With over nine decades of continuously developing ideas, leading and surpassing trends, their kitchens are amongst the most diverse, high-quality, durable and even, sustainable – these are the qualities that identify and elevate Rotpunkt Kitchens.

Another great feature of this amazing brand is their willingness to experiment with their choice of colour for both the interiors and exteriors of their kitchens.

Lets be honest a white interior is fine with a white door, but paired with a darker colour it can look a bit slapdash, and where many brands only offer white interiors, Rotpunkt Kitchens offer a huge array of contrasting and complementing colours. This delivers a new and exciting experience which beautifully accentuates the quality of your kitchen. 

With Rotpunkt, the possibilities for creating a kitchen as unique as you, are almost endless.

Inspired by the beauty of a Rotpunkt Kitchen?

Let’s Create Yours!

Take inspiration for your next kitchen refurbishment from the information given above and you will create a space that is of superb quality, embodied with German design innovation and reliability.

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