Not too long ago, the idea of your kitchen appliances or indeed any part of you home being “smart” seemed like an episode of “Star Trek” and a very long way away.

Now, we have the capability to manage most of our daily home life with our smart phones and smart speakers.

This is being led by innovative, intelligent appliances and connected devices that automate daily tasks so we have more time to do the things we love and not the things which were once considered “chores”.

Consider how easy it is now thanks to smart tech, to ensure our fridge contents are in-date, fresh and healthy… No more daily rituals of checking the packaging or contents, internal cameras and sensors in the modern appliances can now allow you to see your food items at any moment and adjust temperatures at the touch of an app. 

You can receive alerts to your mobile once you leave the house for most large appliances now, so no more wondering if you have left the oven on or if the fridge door was left open.

With so many helpful innovations, Icon Kitchen Designs can only wonder at what will come next.

Smart Speaker 2

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