Are you a “Lemon Lover”?

Lemons are absolutely the perfect mix of savoury & sweet, whether you use them in recipes or simply have them in a bowl, on the countertop, they can be a perfect addition to your kitchen. Functional on many levels!

Also the actual pigment – Lemon, is an amazing way to start off a new colour palette when looking for inspiration at home.

Lemon Yellow refers to a bright yellow with a slight hint of green that is a staple in many famous artistic palettes, so why don’t you use this bright, juicy hue to create a sunny space in your kitchen? 

Also the great thing about a sharp colour like Lemon yellow, is that If you love it but find it intimidating, using one strong accent piece like a statement area or wall is an easy and stylish way to incorporate the colour you want.

Just ask Icon Kitchen Designs to help you achieve your ultimate look.