Small Kitchen

Small Kitchens and how to make the most of space.

At Icon Kitchens, we have found that embracing the charm of a small kitchen doesn’t mean compromising on functionality or style.

In fact, it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative and make the most out of every inch of space that you do have. We know that with the right kitchen furniture and smart solutions, you can turn your compact kitchen into a space that’s not only efficient, but also a joy to cook in.

Below, we have taken a look at the world of small kitchens and how clever design choices can make a significant difference.


How to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

There are a variety of ways to make a small kitchen look and feel bigger, transforming it into a welcoming and functional space.


  • Clever Storage Solutions – Small kitchens often suffer from limited storage space, which makes organisation extremely important. Invest in multifunctional furniture such as pull-out cabinets, sliding shelves and magnetic racks to maximise every nook and cranny.


  • Streamlined Design – Simplify the design of your small kitchen to create an illusion of spaciousness. Opt for light coloured cabinets, backsplashes and countertops to reflect natural light and brighten up the space. Choose a consistent colour palette to create visual cohesion, and consider minimalistic hardware for a clean and uncluttered look.


  • Smart Appliances – In a small kitchen, every appliance should serve a purpose. Invest in space saving and multifunctional appliances, such as a compact dishwasher, a combination microwave and oven, or a slim fridge.


  • Foldable Furniture & Clever Storage – Consider foldable or expandable furniture to adapt to your varying needs. Collapsible chairs and wall mounted folding desks can be tucked away when not in use, providing extra floor space for movement. Also clever storage design can add lots of space.


  • Optimal Lighting – Proper lighting is crucial in small kitchens to create an open and inviting atmosphere. Install LED lights under cabinets to illuminate countertops, and use pendant lights to add a touch of elegance without occupying valuable counter space. Maximise natural light by using sheer curtains or opting for open shelving.


  • Reflective Surfaces – Incorporate reflective surfaces, such as mirrored backsplashes or glass cabinet doors, to bounce light around the room. This will create the illusion of more space. Mirrors can also be strategically placed to visually expand the kitchen.


Transforming a small kitchen into a functional and stylish space is not just about embracing limitations, but about using them to your advantage. With thoughtful planning and smart storage solutions, you can turn your compact kitchen into your own culinary oasis.

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