Small Kitchen


For some reason we never seem to have enough kitchen space or storage.

Where have the pans been put?
I could have sworn the jars were here yesterday?

It can be stressful trying to find where everything is, especially in a busy kitchen.

Luckily for you, we’re here to help.

Here are 10 of the very best creative and practical ideas to sort your kitchen chaos.

Assign a purpose to each zone. Where will the cutlery go? Those pots and pans that are hard to find, where will their new spot be? Having a general idea of zones creates an easier flow to your kitchen.
Hooks everywhere. Hanging utensils off hooks allows for faster and easier use. Take a look at a professional kitchen, hanging items are everywhere and this looks good if positioned effectively.
Have as much as you can out in the open. The more you have in the open on shelves or hooks, the more space there will be in cabinets and the pantry.
Utilise window sills. Window sills rarely get used. You could put your cookbooks here and use the space where the cook books were.
Under sink storage. You could free up room under the sink to make extra space for utensils, crockery or other items. This would then free up extra room in cabinets.
Draw dividers. Have you got plenty of plates, cutlery and bowls? Use draw dividers to split up your draws into practical sections.
Pantry Baskets. Add baskets to your pantry for your crisps, biscuits, spices or whatever else. It will be more tidy and easier to get at things.
Put glassware in glass-front cabinets. Glass reflects light and is an illusion to depth, so makes the room look lighter and bigger. Great if you have a smaller kitchen.
Stove top cover and utilise space stove top space. Do you ever only use one or two stoves and then not use the others? If so, start to utilise this space. Put a stove top cover there and start to use this area for other cooking purposes, like chopping, or extra storage.

Utilise glass jars – big or small – fill them with pasta, cereal and food and pop them on your open shelves. It looks good  and it frees up space elsewhere.

Well there you have it, creative and practical ways to shape your kitchen storage.