Dream Kitchens for 2023 & Beyond

Everyone has their vision of a dream kitchen, but there will be times when those creating their perfect space will be searching for inspiration.

Following is an overview of some of the inspiring design concepts currently contributing to many dream kitchen ideas going into 2023.

Antique Influence Creates a Dream Kitchen With a Unique Charm

When searching for a “new” dream kitchen , it is easy to assume that a modern style is the best way forward but many people are introducing old fashioned warmth and comfort into their home by giving their kitchen a subtle antique aesthetic.

Open shelving, display cupboards and plate racks all contribute to an antique kitchen design. (many of these design ideas can be seen on our Instagram page – Just click here to take a look).  Even a classically modern kitchen which typically consists of light colour schemes and satin or silk finishes can be complemented with darker, antique looking accents, making it into a timeless space that perfectly balances comfort and practicality.

Scandinavian Influence Provides Simplicity and Functionality

When working with small spaces, it can seem impossible to instil a modern aesthetic while still being practical. Fortunately, the Scandinavian influence allows you to visually expand the kitchen area and achieve an heir of elegance.

The illusion of space is made possible with light colours combined with furniture crafted from light woods or natural stones. Simply adding some extra lighting in the form of spotlights, can give you an inviting space that can be used for dining and entertaining while standing out from conventional kitchen designs.

Two Tone Kitchens are Timeless and Can Take Many Different Forms

Those wanting to refresh their kitchen may assume that two tones are too much. However, two-tone kitchens are becoming a staple in many homes, making them a popular choice for those wanting to reinvent their space.

Pink hues can be blended with navy for a pastel pop effect that ensures the kitchen has an enduring appeal, while reflective cupboards ensure bolder colours are softened and make a kitchen feel more spacious and refined. Also this approach to your family kitchen gives you all a say in the colour scheme…

Family-Friendly Kitchens Can Be Fashionable and Functional

When designing a kitchen with a family in mind, the focus will primarily be on functionality, especially for those with young children. Fortunately, functionality does not mean having to forfeit the aesthetics of an alluring kitchen.

Those concerned about seating can opt for built-in benches, which can echo the kitchen decor. Similarly, those short on space may want to invest in a circular table instead of a rectangular or square option. Not only are circular tables and chairs becoming more popular as a design trend in 2023, but they also allow those with little space a solution that does not compromise style.

The colour scheme chosen for a family kitchen can vary, but it does not have to be limited to one tone. Many combinations can be used to create a relaxing but vibrant space that will allow everyone at home to feel at ease, including dark grey and green, blue and orange and red and yellow.

Given the trends currently finding favour among those wanting to breathe new life into their kitchen, there should be no reason why those creating a dream kitchen for 2023 cannot find an aesthetic that suits their requirement and taste without breaking the budget.

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