Creating an Autumn look for your Kitchen

As the days get shorter, the temperature drops and thoughts drift to warm soups, stews and family dinners, Its only right, we look at our lovely bright airy kitchen and wonder… “Can we make it look more autumnal and cosy”?

If a major renovation, re design or refit just isn’t in the plans (or budget) at the moment, then the tips below can help you create an autumnal kitchen to be proud of.

  • If you are lucky enough to have a roomy kitchen, consider adding a splash of Autumn colour to your work surfaces. This can be achieved with clever accessories, such as tea towels with wintery scenes or even replacing your usual sleek metals and stones for softer woods (think chopping boards, bread bins or spice racks etc).
  • If you have a Galley style kitchen with work surfaces on one side or both and a door at the end, it could be that the door area gets the autumnal makeover instead. This would be especially stunning if there are panels in the door where rustic colour could be placed, to create a stand out effect or maybe play with subtle orange tinted lighting from above.
  • Another easy way to create a warm earthy, autumnal feel is to simply change out handles and shelving in your space. Think pewter, bronze or copper handles, maybe (if you are adventurous) some shaped like leaves or nuts? We found some amazingly beautiful Pewter styles online at Glover and Smith and some gorgeous Kitchen ironmongery at Willow and Stone  .
  • Don’t forget about your large appliances either, imagine how stunning a sleek white Kitchen would look with a swapped in Bronze range. What a beautiful focal point. Or if bronze coppery tones are not for you, how about earthy rustic-feeling dark green, blue or even burgundy?
  • If the whole appliance is not able to be exchanged out, consider an autumnal splashback. Imagine how stunning your wall may look with a truly contrasting, bright pop of colour. Especially of your kitchen is naturally in the white / beige range.

Whatever you do, make sure to do it tastefully. Less is usually more if you are adding things to your space. That leads onto the easiest way to bring the beautiful autumn season into your world…

Natural fruits, flowers, berries and foliage. Place autumnal fruits like apples into a large open-top mason jar on worksurfaces, create a cosy warm vibe by lighting spice scented candles on window ledges in the evening or add small pine cones to the space for decorative purposes.

Don’t forget to take a peek at the links above  (We have found some amazing small  businesses who have some lovely items, which may look stunning in the right Kitchen settings).

And as always, if you would like any advice, support or even a chat about how to get started with a Kitchen renovation / refurb, just drop us an email HERE or give us a call by clicking the telephone number below.