Top Ten Storage Hacks


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If it’s time to declutter and maximise your space; no matter how big or small your kitchen may be, these are the perfect tips to keep your kitchen clean, clear and under control.

1.  Wall-mounted Dish Drying Rack

If counter space is real estate, then the kitchen sink is the backyard!  You want to maximise your space without making it look ugly or out of place. The perfect way to do this is with a wall-mounted drying rack for all your pots and pans, no more taking up the valuable counter surface, and the best part, you hang your kitchen towel underneath to catch any drips; keeping your character dry and clear! 

2.  Turn Your Draw Into A Utensil Holder

Utensil storage never looks good, but now that’s all about to change! Turn your draw into a utensil holder with custom pull out holders made to fit your space perfectly.

3.   Store Your Knives in The Kitchen Countertop

Wooden blocks take up space on your countertop, and as we know, this is prime real estate! So instead, how about building a custom knife block into the countertop? This is the perfect way of maintaining space and always having your favourite chopping tool readily at hand. 

4.  Dispense Vegetables From Your Draws

Nobody wants to see your vegetables out on the counter service; instead, use wicker baskets and cheesecloth to create vegetable baskets that perfectly fit in your drawer space. Hidden and fresh, what more could you ask for?

5.  Desk Organise Your Fridge

The fridge is a hotbed of mess and clutter in almost everyones kitchen; However you can keep it organised the “office” way, with clear plastic desk draws that are both stackable and transparent, meaning you see everything and maximise your space.

6.  Turn your Fridge Into A Spice Magnet

Utilise the blank slate in front of your fridge, transfer your spices into magnetic tins, and create a wonderfully spicy display that makes cooking a breeze!

7.   Transform That Kitchen Nook Into A Device Concealer

Most kitchens (if not all) have a corner space, alcove or nook that’s tends to be dead space. It’s time to bring new life into this area and build a dividing screen, allowing you to store all your electrical devices when not in use, which means more counter space for you to enjoy. 

8.   A Storage Shelf That Doubles As A Pan Rack

The wall is the most overlooked method of storage; building a custom shelf that doubles as a hanging rack for all your pots and pans is a two in one way of generating maximum storage with minimal impact on the overall design of your kitchen.

9.  Vintage Lockers & Extra Shelves As Your New Pantry

Vintage and super practical, old school lockers are an amazing way you can create space by adding more shelves, in a kitschy way, making a huge difference in your kitchen. Adding a fun and stylish decorative piece that doubles up as your custom-built pantry.

10. Hide Your Rubbish Bin Under A Butchers Block

Chopping vegetables and other things are messy work, generating a large amount of rubbish and there’s nothing more ugly than a bin on display, so why not convert a freestanding butcher’s block into a recycling facility? Simply open the door, pull out the Rubbish bin and slide the scraps in; quick, convenient and super easy.