The Country Kitchen of your Dreams

When it comes to creating that dream country style kitchen, the process is easier than you may think.

From warm-neutral tones to earthy wood and soft lighting, you can be easily on your way to that perfect down home style kitchen that will inject the essence of homely welcome for many years to come.

Keep reading to discover our top 10 tips on achieving the country kitchen of your dreams.

1.  Oven

A traditional range cooker is the epitome of a country classic. When installed centrally in the kitchen design, this striking feature becomes the centrepiece of a country kitchen.

Remember, the design you choose will make a difference in the overall impact of the kitchen look; so choose wisely!

2.  Sink

Butler – Apron or Belfast skinks are a staple of country design; bold in design, they stand out in the room, pulling the eye in its direction and presenting as a feature for the room.

Surround with timber, stone or marble counters teamed with slinky swan-neck taps and you will tie the total look together. 

3.  Stone Flooring

Stone flooring is not just a ‘Look’; it’s a lifestyle choice that will see you through for many years. Installing underfloor heating will ensure the cold stone floor of the past remains in the past the right stone style, such as soft grey or farmhouse red, will allow creativity in the kitchen without being too distracting. 4.  The Right Faucets

Chrome! Matt-Black! These are modern finishing’s with no right to exist in the country kitchen. Brass! Brushed gold! Tarnished Copper! These are staples of country design. Think to stand out and look bold without intrusiveness.

5.  Stone Counters

When people think of the country design, they think of wood and that’s perfect for cabinets, chairs and utensils, but not your surface! Natural stone is the best for creating a neutral space with a high-quality finish! It’s sleek, unique and most importantly, durable!

6.  Vintage Sconces

Vintage is the new modern! Picking vintage sconces to create soft lighting will stand out from the usual tedious and dreaded ‘Spot Lighting!’. Vintage lighting adds a touch to the old school, adding to the country-style ambience; modern lighting will ruin the whole look!

7.  Wall Tiles

With the neutrality of stone and plain wood, a touch of colour adds to the total aesthetic, rounding the whole look off and creating a pop of colour or style (depending on your choice) to the finished kitchen.

For example, a bright neon red would never suit a country style kitchen! When picking your colour of choice, think dusty, muted tones that are soft on the eye yet stand out from the monotony of brown and grey. Utilising wall tiles is a fun and simple way of adding this much-needed colour and the best part is each year, you can change them if the mood should take you.

8.  Space-Saving Design

The country kitchen must feel warm, cosy and lived-in. Unfortunately, however, this often reads as cluttered and overstocked. But it doesn’t have to be!

Clever storage with hidden features maximises space whilst allowing for counter space and keeping the clean lines integral to the overall vibe.

9.  Brass & Copper

Dark trim is the current fashion, but this would look terrible in a country kitchen. So instead, think back in time. Copper and Brass were once the primary metals used and should be woven through the kitchen design wherever possible.

10.              Unique Finishing’s

Add a touch of rustic flair with fun; unique door handles, cupboard handles, table wear, glasses, plates, you name it; go for more classical style items and display those country oddities proudly in a curated, purposeful way!

Dont forget to ask us for details of what we are seeing in our day to day installs – so you can be ahead of the trends!