The Christmas Kitchen

The nights are getting darker, the weather getting colder and all you’re looking forward to is that wonderful time where you can get together with family in the festive spirit.

Fantastic food makes for the highlight of many a perfect, traditional Christmas dinner for your family but also its the company we keep during these special times…

Below we have linked to some great recipes and amazing deals on festive fare (Thank you Co-Op & BBC) to hopefully help you have the best Christmas ever.

Traditional Food Ideas

Christmas dinners across many cultures are often filled with hearty, substantial fare.

In the western tradition – they typically involve some form of cooked meat, roasted potato (or other starchy legume), stuffing and plenty of vegetables.  Oftentimes this is paired with something a little special such as “pigs in blankets” or a “cauliflower cheese” for that bit of extra indulgence.

Decking the Halls

This doesn’t just relate to lounges and living areas, your kitchen should also really burst into seasonal cheer during festive times…

For instance, an open plan kitchen space makes for a great way to pack all your festive action into one room.

Counter tops can be front and centre, providing an accessible place to display cards, or lay after dinner treats, with easy access for people to tuck in whenever they want.

Display tasty traditional fare such as cheese, crackers and mint-chocolates, which can be washed down with sweet wines, creamy cocktails or refreshing juices before, during and after the main event!

Also, if you have the space, why not consider moving your Christmas tree into the dining area, it’ll keep the festive spirit going and provide a nice backdrop as people sit in contentment post-meal.

Relax and Enjoy

After the excitement of the day, all that’s left is to take the time to relax after your hard work and maybe enjoy a glass of port or two.

Yes, maybe the kitchen will again have a visitor or two, but lets hope its someone else contending with the washing up!