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Keep your kitchen cool this summer

During the warmer seasons, it is completely understandable that many people want to head outdoors. Although the summer months are perfect for barbecues, some changes can be made to ensure you’re getting the best use from your kitchen during warmer periods and taking advantage of all the space available.

The following tips help ensure that you make full use of the space available in your home when socialising in the summer and omit any concerns about guests becoming too warm during their visit.

Open the Windows

Although cooking is of course a major cause of the kitchen becoming warm, closed windows can cause just as much discomfort, meaning the kitchen is often avoided during social gatherings. Although there are other steps to follow to ensure the kitchen stays cool during the summer, opening the windows is the perfect start.

Opening the windows often won’t be enough to stop the kitchen from being warm, but it does reduce the likelihood of it becoming even warmer.

Embrace the Trend of Outdoor Kitchens

Do you enjoy barbecues but find there are limits regarding the type of food that can be served? Then why not embrace the trend of outdoor kitchens?

An outdoor kitchen can be considered an evolution of the barbecue but one which includes all the great stuff you would expect to find in the kitchen.

Introducing an outdoor kitchen is more expensive than buying a barbecue, but if you find you spend a lot of time outdoors, then it could be a worthwhile investment.

Take a Break From Cooking

The kitchen doesn’t have to be warm during the summer when embracing scrumptious cold food. Regardless of whether you enjoy salad, sandwiches or pasta, there are plenty of mouth-watering options available that ensure the kitchen always stays cool.

Whether you’re cooking for friends, family or a mixture of both, you can ensure people remain cool with a wide variety of chilled food.

Prep Food Whenever Possible

Fortunately, the kitchen doesn’t have to suffer a heatwave if you prep your food beforehand and the type of prep that has to be carried out depends on the dishes you wish to serve. In some instances, you may be able to prepare dishes and meals in advance and heat them up later. In other instances, you may need to precook beforehand and then finish cooking on the day.

Although some changes in how you prepare food are small, they can make all the difference when minimising heat in the kitchen, allowing it to flourish as a social hotspot.

Transform Your Kitchen Into a Cool Retreat

Your kitchen can be transformed into a cool retreat by removing clutter and creating a welcoming environment. If you want to make a space seem larger, then why not decorate the kitchen using some neutral colours?

The addition of mirrors can also help create a space that seems larger and allows for a calm and relaxing environment which is perfect when hiding from excessive heat.

Turn the Lights Off When Possible

Of course, there will be times when turning the lights off is difficult. However, there are just as many instances where lights are turned on when they don’t have to be, which only adds to the soaring temperatures.

If you do need to use the light, then it may be worthwhile considering the installation of dimmer switches if you don’t already have them installed. Other options included substituting overhead lighting for lamps with a dimmer switch

Don’t Forget About the Fans

Even though opening doors and windows help generate a cool breeze, fans are still an essential addition to the kitchen for those wanting to entertain friends and family. Even when the temperature is low, the heat from earlier in the day can create a stuffy and uncomfortable atmosphere, which can be easily eliminated with strategically-placed fans.

Keep the Fridge Stocked With Juice and Water

Although the summer is the ideal time to use the garden for socialising, drinking too much alcohol often means everyone is left feeling dehydrated. Add to this the warm summer weather and it’s easy to see why keeping the fridge stocked with juice and water is essential.

Keeping the fridge stocked not only ensures that everyone in attendance is kept hydrated and refreshed during the celebrations but also ensures people take advantage of the additional indoor space available when cooling down. 


So here we have it – You may feel the need to purchase some additional equipment to ensure your kitchen remains cool during the summer as it can be a worthwhile investment that will serve you well in years to come, but here we have thought of a few easy tricks which should help and allows you to get the full value of your kitchen all year round.


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